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Willow Grove, PA Inpatient Treatment

Malvern Treatment Centers is the Delaware Valley region’s oldest private addiction treatment provider. As a leader in the field for 70 years, our dedicated clinicians have successfully helped individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. The Malvern Model, our unique treatment approach, focuses on all-encompassing recovery to inspire hope for a better tomorrow. Our inpatient campuses provide medically monitored detoxification and residential rehabilitation. The program focuses on treating co-occurring disorders by providing psychiatric services, medicated assisted treatment, as well as evidence-based therapy. We believe in providing treatment in a caring supportive way by offering individual, group and family therapy. Our facility in Willow Grove is located 13 miles outside Philadelphia in Montgomery County, offering comfortable surroundings within a sprawling neighborhood. The Willow Grove campus has 69 residential beds and 21 detox beds and offers a full continuum of care. Willow Grove provides adult intervention, detox, and residential services, as well as many specialized groups.

Intervention Services at Willow Grove

Interventions are a concept with which many people are familiar on a conceptual level, but very few people actually know how interventions work, how to plan an intervention, or how to execute an intervention. By definition, the term “intervention” refers to the act of interfering between two things so as to alter the course of the future. This basic definition also applies to interventions as they pertain to alcohol and drug use; however, alcohol and drug interventions are more an event than an action or abstract concept. When an intervention is held for someone addicted to alcohol or drugs, it means that his or her family members are making a coordinated effort to show the far-reaching effects of his or her addiction and to strongly encourage that he or she get help. Many recovery journeys begin with an intervention, which is why we at Malvern Treatment Centers take interventions very seriously. In fact, we have developed our own methodology for preparing and executing interventions. Meant to mirror and complement the Malvern Model of recovery, the Malvern Intervention Model is a valuable resource to those who have a loved one suffering from addiction. Once the family members and friends of an addict decide that intervention is necessary, we work closely with those individuals on both planning and executing the intervention. Many individuals who attempt to stage an intervention on their own quickly realize just how difficult this can be, especially when there is a lack of direction and informational resources; however, the Malvern Intervention Model essentially provides families with a blueprint that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of the intervention. Malvern’s model of treatment incorporates the family into the treatment process as this is an invaluable part of recovery. We know addiction has no limits and affects everyone. We will help guide you and your family through the intervention process. It is vital to plan an intervention with our professional team. Learn more about Intervention Services.

Medically Monitored Detoxification at Willow Grove

Detoxification, the likes of which is offered at our Willow Grove center is the process where alcohol or drugs are allowed to leave a person’s system so that they can begin recovery with a sober mind and body. Detox is an integral part of the recovery process and it is during this phase that the individual begins to experience life again without the aid of drugs or alcohol. Fear of withdrawal keeps people locked in the vicious cycle of addiction. During this phase of treatment, medical supervision is provided by experienced physicians and nurses who monitor withdrawal symptoms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a safe and comfortable detox experience. Certain substances, like alcohol and benzodiazepines, actually have withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal if proper medical supervision is not available and this is why it is highly suggested that if you are currently addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines, you seek professional medical help for your detox process. Other substances, such as opioids, cocaine, and amphetamines, while not fatal, produce withdrawal symptoms that can be highly uncomfortable. A person experiencing withdrawal symptoms from these substances may feel like they have the flu and may have an overwhelming urge to use again. If they are not under professional care at the time, this desire may become too much for them to fight on their own and so they go relapse back into using without much resistance. Learn more about Medically Monitored Detoxification.

Inpatient Treatment at Willow Grove

Inpatient care is a residential-style program in which the patient resides on-site for the duration of the inpatient stage of treatment. The benefits of inpatient care include the ability for professional staff members and physicians to provide round-the-clock supervision and care as well as for the ability of an inpatient program to afford patients more time participating in various treatments and therapies. When it comes to our patients, everything we do at Malvern Treatment Centers is meant to provide the best, most effective, and most relaxing recovery experience that a person could possibly have. In fact, this is a major factor in our Malvern Model; it affords patients enough time to take full advantage of our healing techniques, cutting-edge treatment techniques, and other strategies that help to mend the mind, body, and spirit. While in inpatient treatment, patients are able to overcome the physical aspects of the addiction before moving into the phase of recovery that’s arguably the most important: therapy. It’s when patients are in active treatment during the inpatient stage that they learn many of the most important tools that will aid them as they progress to more advanced stages of recovery. Through a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, patients will learn to identify the underlying causes of their substance abuse problems while developing long-term strategies for addressing those issues, ensuring that each patient can achieve a long, successful recovery. As part of our inpatient care, every patient will receive his or her own personalized treatment plan; be assigned his or her own primary therapist who will accompany the individual throughout the recovery journey; have the opportunity to participate in both group-oriented and one-on-one therapy sessions; take advantage of either/both of our family therapy and psychoeducational sessions; and benefit from our comprehensive aftercare planning. Learn more about Inpatient Treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) at Willow Grove

Medication Assisted Treatment is one approach that has proven successful for many individuals when added to a 12-step recovery program and other aftercare treatments. Our Malvern location’s MAT program is highly structured, and the medication offered is only one aspect of the treatment protocol. The choice to include MAT is a shared decision between the clinician and patient, as well as the patient’s family if possible and appropriate. Medication Assisted Treatment combines FDA-approved medications with psychosocial therapy and support meetings to treat addiction to opiates and alcohol. Multiple studies have clearly demonstrated that individuals with an opioid-use disorder and often alcohol-use disorders have superior outcomes when certain medications are utilized along with standard treatment protocols. Our clinicians consider the preference of the patient and their loved ones, past treatment history, severity of the addictions (e.g. overdoses), treating setting and other factors when deciding on whether MAT is an appropriate option. Patients in MAT treatment must meet the following criteria:

  • You must live with family who is supportive of this treatment approach, and be willing to allow Malvern staff to remain in contact with them. If you live alone, this is not a requirement.
    • We are currently looking into developing relationships with recovery house owners who are willing to accept patients who are on Suboxone Maintenance, but for the time being, patients must be living in a supportive environment with family or alone.
  • Must be able to meet the financial requirements of Suboxone Maintenance (our financial counselor will work with you to determine any co-pays required).
  • Agree to continue with outpatient treatment within the Malvern system for as long as you are on Suboxone Maintenance (you must be able to travel to one of MAT sites, or live within the geographical area that our transportation department will be able to accommodate you).
  • Must be willing to submit to random urine drug screens.
  • Be open to actively participate in a 12 step program.
  • If a patient fails to abide to the above requirements, or tests positive for other substances, they may be discharged from the program.

Learn more about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Finding The Right Inpatient Services

If you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, call the professionals at Malvern Treatment Centers today at 610-MALVERN. Our trained staff is standing by to help you in any way that we can, and we know exactly what it is that you are currently going through. There is no need to continue to suffer in silence, so please give us a call today.  

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