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The Malvern Minute: The Importance of Family in Recovery

The Malvern Minute, hosted by Amber Roadcap, shares insight and information for professionals in the addiction treatment industry. Our guest in this episode is Nicole Mountney, Malvern Treatment Center’s Director of Family Services.

Nicole Mountney

Nicole speaks about the importance of family and the development of natural relationships and the creation of a safe environment as being essential to the recovery process and the individual’s wellbeing. Nicole further discusses the concept of recovery being more about the individual’s healthy connections with family, friends, and community to help the individual thrive and be successful. Trauma-informed care, a vigilant approach to creating an emotionally and psychologically safe treatment environment is also discussed.

5 responses to “The Malvern Minute: The Importance of Family in Recovery

  1. Amber….I am Bill Montgomery, a LMFT in Doylestown. I am checking on rehab places for a friend, and would like to know a few things about Malvern. Namely: – Take Medicare? (not essential for my friend), -have group therapy with older adults? – have family therapy as part of the program? – physical therapy or exercise? Thank you!

  2. I have a friend that I believe checked in to your facility on Monday.I don’t think she will have the family support that will be needed when she gets out. I would like to know what I can do to help and be of support for her.

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