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Inpatient Treatment in Pennsylvania

To many people, inpatient and residential treatment is the worst case scenario. The perception is the need for inpatient care indicates that the individual’s addiction has reached such a level of severity that inpatient care is a requirement. There’s something daunting about the prospect of having to leave one’s family, spouse, close friends, and loved ones while residing at a residential treatment facility; it’s a total separation from one’s prior life and almost a rebirth into a new life.

At Malvern Treatment Centers, we understand the doubt, uncertainty, and fear that many individuals who suffer from addiction and are considering inpatient treatment are experiencing. On the other hand, living in active addiction is oftentimes an extremely painful experience, too. When someone is struggling with an alcohol or drug problem, it often takes professional help for the individual to regain his or her health, independence, and sobriety. In spite of the reservations that many people have when it comes to inpatient recovery, we can confidently assert that choosing our unique inpatient program is one of the best decisions a person can make in this situation.

There are several different types of addiction treatment available to those in need. Of course, each type of treatment program is geared toward meeting a specific set of needs; however, there’s a reason why inpatient treatment is widely considered the most effective form of care for alcoholism and drug addiction. In fact, it would be more accurate to consider an inpatient program to be an individual’s opportunity for reflection, growth, and healing. It’s for this reason that we want to provide more information to you about inpatient care at Malvern Treatment Centers.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Whether it’s inpatient, outpatient, or some other type of addiction treatment, it’s important to remember that any form of addiction treatment program provides those who suffer from addiction with a means of regaining the lives that were taken by their substance abuse problems. In particular, recovery means regaining one’s physical and psychological health, being able to repair relationships, recovering or establishing a new career, attaining financial independence, and taking better care of oneself by addressing health needs. Obviously, the journey of recovery isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight, but the goal of an addiction treatment program is to give individuals a period of time during which they can completely devote their energies to acquiring the tools that are essential to achieving lifelong sobriety.

Most addiction treatment programs exist on a spectrum, ranging from outpatient to inpatient. As you may already know, outpatient care is the form of treatment wherein the patient continues living in their own homes or in another off-campus location while commuting to Malvern for each day’s treatments. More often than not, outpatient treatment at Malvern signifies that an individual is nearing the end of his or her rehabilitation journey.

Meanwhile, inpatient care is a residential-style program in which the patient resides on-site for the duration of the inpatient stage of treatment. The benefits of inpatient care include the ability for professional staff members and physicians to provide round-the-clock supervision and care as well as for the ability of an inpatient program to afford patients more time participating in various treatments and therapies. Plus, isn’t it more convenient to attend daily sessions and live in the same place?

Our Inpatient Locations:  Malvern, Willow Grove

Benefits of Inpatient Care for Addiction

When it comes to our patients, everything we do at Malvern Treatment Centers is meant to provide the best, most effective, and most relaxing recovery experience that a person could possibly have. In fact, this is a major factor in our Malvern Model of Care; it affords patients enough time to take full advantage of our healing techniques, cutting-edge treatment techniques, and other strategies that help to mend the mind, body, and spirit.

Both detoxification and inpatient care comprise the inpatient phase of the Malvern Model. While in inpatient treatment, patients are able to overcome the physical aspects of the addiction before moving into the phase of recovery that’s arguably the most important: therapy. It’s when patients are in active treatment during the inpatient stage that they learn many of the most important tools that will aid them as they progress to more advanced stages of recovery. Through a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, patients will learn to identify the underlying causes of their substance abuse problems while developing long-term strategies for addressing those issues, ensuring that each patient can achieve a long, successful recovery.

However, inpatient treatment isn’t merely a time for psychotherapy. Moreover, no patient is ever completely isolated from his or her loved ones. During the inpatient phase of the Malvern Model, patients are encouraged to spend time on both personal and familial growth, whether that means mending important relationships, repairing lost connections, or strengthening one’s support system. We also offer a variety of other coaching and training because we want each and every patient to thrive once they return to their respective communities.

As part of our inpatient care, every patient will receive his or her own personalized treatment plan; be assigned his or her own primary therapist who will accompany the individual throughout the recovery journey; have the opportunity to participate in both group-oriented and one-on-one therapy sessions; take advantage of either/both of our family therapy and psychoeducational sessions; and benefit from our comprehensive aftercare planning.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Inpatient Treatment and the Malvern Model

At Malvern Treatment Centers, we have been helping individuals in need recover from substance abuse problems since 1948 when Malvern was first established. Since then, we have gained 70 years of insight and experience in the treatment of addiction, allowing us to create a dynamic, well-rounded curriculum consisting of treatments and therapies that have been proven to work.

One of the things that really makes Malvern Treatment Centers unique is our one-of-a-kind model for addiction rehabilitation. Referred to as the Malvern Model of Care, our program allows patients to achieve lasting sobriety by providing them with all the skills and knowledge they need to remain sober indefinitely. As well, the Malvern Model consists of our entire continuum of care, beginning with detoxification, induction, and inpatient care before progressing to outpatient treatment; however, most of the magic happens during the inpatient or residential stages of care.

While receiving inpatient care at Malvern, patients benefit from round-the-clock supervision and monitoring while receiving cutting-edge treatments administered by professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. With a focus on psychotherapy and employing the latest sciences to address addiction, we offer a recovery experience that is second to none for both the Philadelphia area as well as nationwide. Fill out the form below or call us at 610-625-8376 to discuss treatment options.

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