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PHP Treatment

Addiction does not occur overnight. Thought its onset may be rapid, and a person may become physically dependent in a short period of time, the mental twists and ingrained behaviors take a while to truly take hold of an individual. Once addiction has its hold though, many find it incredibly difficult to break free and they often times spend years trapped in the clutches of their illness. What this means is that breaking free from their addiction will not be an overnight matter either, and in order to have the best possible chance at recovery, an individual must have enough time and space in order to explore their new found life without drugs or alcohol.

At the Malvern Treatment Center’s Malverncampus we seek to offer our patients just that. We seek to walk with our patients through their time in inpatient treatment, and to offer them continued support after they are discharged and journey through our outpatient programs at other locations. We believe that in order for an individual to experience sustained recovery, they must get the support they need, not only while they are within the confines of the treatment center, but also while they reintegrate back into society at large.

What is PHP?

A Partial Hospital Program or PHP, like the one offered at our Malvern, PA PHP, is a form of addiction treatment that usually comes after inpatient treatment. Within the current realm of addiction treatment, PHP is oftentimes used as a continuation of inpatient services, but at our Malvern, PA PHP we believe that our patient’s should use this time as it was designed, to live outside of the treatment center and to commute to the center for continued counseling and groups.

Many addicts and alcoholics find it rather easy to stay sober while they are in treatment, but once they get out they are faced with the pressures of life and the urges to use and they find themselves right back in their addiction. This can, and often times does, lead to a cycle of treatment stays followed by continually relapses.

At our Malvern, PA PHP we seek to break this cycle by slowly integrating our patient’s back into their daily lives over the period of a few months. We first start by allowing them to detox at one of our facilities, which is then followed by an inpatient stay. After their inpatient stay is completed our patients then begin the process of going back to their daily life through our PHP program.

During this phase of the recovery program, they will continue to attend groups at the treatment center but they will not sleep at the center. They have the ability to return home, if this is a possibility, or to live at a three-quarter or halfway house and in doing so, they are given the ability to put their newfound life skills into practice, all while still having help and support.

What Services are Available?

At our Malvern, PA PHP our patients will continue to have access to their therapist and psychiatrist and they will have the ability to attend groups, just as they did when they were attending inpatient.

They will explore the following topics as well:

  • Codependence
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Spirituality
  • 12-Step Facilitation & Support
  • Coping Strategies & Refusal Skills
  • Recreational Therapy

Patients at our Malvern, PA PHP will attend group 5 days a week for 5 hours each day, totaling 25 hours of counseling per week. What we have seen is that by offering this level of care, while also allowing our patients to live outside of the facility, they can begin to process their new sober life in real time and begin to deal with the struggles that may occur while having access to individuals who can help them.

For instance, if our patient is living at home with their spouse or parents during the PHP portion of their recovery program, then they can begin to mend these relationships with the help of their therapist, or they can begin to deal with the resentments that may have occurred. By giving our patients the ability to do this early on in their recovery and with the added support they need, we believe that they have a much better chance at being successful in their recovery.

If you are scared about making the decision to finally get clean and sober, don’t fret and know that help is just a phone call away. There have been millions of people who have felt just as you currently do, and they have made it out from under their addiction to a life of happiness in recovery. Don’t let the fear of what may come keep you from experiencing the life you have always wanted, so give us a call today and let Malvern Treatment Centers help you on your path to recovery.

Finding the Right PHP Services

If you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that PHP may be in order then call the professionals at Malvern Treatment Centers today, at 1-610-647-0330. Our trained staff is standing by to help you in any way that we can, and we know exactly what it is that you are currently going through. There is no need to continue to suffer in silence, so please give us a call today.

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