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Writer surprised by dentist’s opioid prescription for cavity

November 3, 2017 – Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone. That’s why raising awareness and educating the public about the dangers of opioids are important steps in addressing the drug epidemic.

Health experts have demonstrated how overprescribing prescription drugs is a key factor fueling the opioid crisis. However, some doctors continue to write opioid prescriptions for patients when the situation doesn’t call for them.

A local man wrote to Philadelphia Weekly to share his experience with his dentist who had no problems handing out a prescription for a cavity:

About a month ago, I had to go into the dentist’s office for a what I thought was a routine check-up. I later learned that it was a cavity so bad I was going to need a root canal and a sizable filling.

The pain during and after was rough, but manageable with a few ibuprofen as long as I stayed on top of it. That didn’t stop my dentist in readily prescribing a 30-day supply of Oxycodone. It took nothing of her to prescribe 60 opiates for a cavity. Sixty.

I never filled it, because I didn’t need it, but it shed light on just how easy it is to get opiates from a prescription. If I could down a month’s supply for a decayed tooth, I can only imagine what a hospital doc might readily sign on a pad for a broken arm or major surgery.

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