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Be wary of scams targeting those searching for treatment

As the seriousness of the U.S. drug epidemic heightens, gaining access to treatment could be a life-or-death decision. Unfortunately, deceptive marketers are targeting those with addiction looking for help in a cruel scam.

At Malvern Treatment Centers, our staff members vet potential recovery houses to ensure patients only go to reputable establishments. Check out our guide to choosing the right one for you.

However, individuals relying on internet searches to select treatment options are vulnerable to misleading strategies by greedy marketers, according to

A flaw in Google’s “Suggest an Edit” feature allows “marketers in far-flung states also cull clients from opioid-plagued places such as Philadelphia” by hijacking the phone number listed on the directory.

The reporter turned to Malvern for insight on the matter:

“Kevin King, director of community relations at Malvern Treatment Centers, based in Plymouth Meeting, said unprincipled marketers ‘attack constantly.’


The owner of a treatment center in Florida, King said he knows some marketers whom he describes as ‘felons’ who hole up in bunkerlike backrooms making phone calls that prey on the weak.”

If you or a loved one are living with addiction and have any questions about the Malvern Intervention Model or the Malvern 90-Day Model, please give us a call at 610.MALVERN (610.625.8376).

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