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Treatment plans key to treating disease of addiction

November 24, 2017 – Recovery is best served through a complete understanding of the disease of addiction. That’s one of the core beliefs here at Malvern Treatment Centers. However, not all recovery journeys are the same, which is why individualized treatment plans are important.

Doctors routinely screen for drug use – legal and illegal – but simply identifying a person struggling with addiction doesn’t necessarily lead to treatment. Health experts told NPR that the need intervene and provide education helps lead to recovery.

At Malvern Treatment Centers, we offer our patients and their loved one access to an unrivaled understanding of addiction, relapse, and recovery. Our philosophy and treatment design has been developed to provide a solid foundation needed for a life of sobriety and happiness.

From the article:

The best way to curb opioid addiction is to connect patients directly with treatment, instead of leaving it up to patients to follow up on referrals, which is typically how it’s done.

[Health experts] say identifying someone with an opioid addiction and giving them a piece of paper with a phone number to call is prescription for failure.

If you or a loved one are living with addiction, we can help. Learn about Malvern Intervention Services or the Malvern 90-Day Model by calling 610.MALVERN (610.625.8376).

Read the full story on NPR.

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