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‘Smart’ pill bottle invented to curb opioid epidemic

October 24, 2017 – Overprescribing opioids has been a major component fueling the disease of addiction in the United States, but a new invention aims to be a vital tool in the battle to address the nation’s drug crisis.

Joseph Hamilton, a Virginia inventor, developed a medicine bottle that uses technology to track when and where someone accesses the container, CBS reports. He was motivated to create something to address the drug crisis after his girlfriend died from a drug overdose:

“It can be recorded every time and date that the pill comes out and even where they were at, with the GPS in it,” Hamilton explained.

Hamilton has already obtained the patent for his overdose-battling creation and is attempting to put the bottles into mass production. He was reportedly offered $1 million by an unnamed a pharmaceutical companyin order to keep the bottles off the market but refused.

“People are dying every day, people are losing their kids, their husbands, wives, parents, their lives to opioids,” Hamilton added.

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