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School provides addiction treatment between classes for students

November 27, 2017 – One the biggest hurdles in combating the disease of addiction is getting individuals access to treatment. One school is making sure students can receive treatment between classes.

In Denver, six schools developed a program to identify young people who could develop the disease of addiction, the Denver Post reports. Some patients are as young as 11 years old, highlighting the importance or raising awareness and breaking the stigma associated with addiction:

Addiction treatment is part of a larger program that offers primary health care, mental health services and health education on the campuses.

“It’s very rare that only substance abuse is the problem,” Thurstone said. “Trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression; we make sure that the treatment we offer takes care of the whole child.”

School-Based Health Centers began appearing on Denver Public Schools campuses through a partnership with Denver Health in 1987. Students and their families can access services during school operating hours and schedule visits to ensure students don’t miss class and parents don’t need to leave work in the middle of the day. The addiction treatment program helps students identify, process and cope with mental health issues, cravings or possible trauma that may contribute to their desire to use drugs.

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Read the full on the Denver Post.

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