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Researchers finding options to reduce need for opioid prescriptions

December 13, 2017 – Careless doctors who inappropriately prescribe opioids are a significant contributor to the nation’s drug crisis and their patients increase risk of developing the disease of addiction. However, studies are searching for a way to cut the amount of opioids needed.

According to HealthDay, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine examined surgical patients and found that those who received non-opioid medication before and after surgery were less likely to require opioid painkillers. The need for opioid medication was reduced by 24 percent.

Via the article:

“Our country is facing an opioid crisis, and a lot of people are exposed to opioids after surgery,” said researcher Dr. Sean Mackey, chief of the division of pain medicine.

More than 51 million Americans undergo surgery each year, according to background notes in the study. Most are given opioid painkillers afterward, and up to 13 percent become habitual users.

“There are some people who are vulnerable to the addictive proprieties of these drugs,” Mackey said. “We would prefer to find ways of not having people get into problems with opioids.”

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Read the full story from HealthDay.

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