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Reps. Fitzpatrick, Norcross named to drug addiction task force

Two local elected officials were selected this week to serve on a task force to combat the ongoing drug epidemic.

On Wednesday, U.S. Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick and Donald Norcross were named vice chairs of the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force.

“Opioid addiction is nothing short of an epidemic,” Fitzpatrick said. “From the toll it takes on our communities and families, to the strain on local leaders and lawenforcement, this crisis is too important to let partisan politics get in the way of solutions.”

The task force was launched last December to develop effective solutions to curb the crisis.

“Addiction is a disease – not a personal failure. We must come together, end the stigma and help those suffering,” Norcross said. “Addressing this growing crisis is not a red or blue issue – it’s a national health and national security issue. The soaring rise in deaths, fueled by heroin and prescription painkillers, now kills more Americans than car crashes, guns, terrorism or war.”

Malvern Treatment Centers operates an outpatient treatment center in each district represented by Fitzpatrick and Norcross.

Read more in the Bucks County Courier Times.

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