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Removing the word `addict’ from our vocabulary

August 16, 2017 — Words matter when trying to explain a problem to someone who can help. That’s especially true when the issue involves addiction because both those living with addiction and their loved ones must understand the effects of the disease.

In an editorial published Wednesday on, the writer shares one way to break the stigma surrounding substance addiction.

At Malvern Treatment Centers, we applaud news organizations and journalists for choosing appropriate words and phrases to help further understanding on addiction. Eliminating certain terminology reflects research that shows addiction is a disease, not a choice.

The author shares how otherwise in-depth reporting misses the mark on covering the opioid epidemic:

There is incredible, boots-on-the-ground journalism happening, yet I still stumble too often on repeated use of words such as addictuser, or worse to describe people with substance-use disorder.

Covering the opioid epidemic, especially the heroin crisis unfolding in the streets and rowhouses of Philly, is no simple task. It takes heart and dedication. But by calling people addicts, journalists are missing the point and perpetuating the stigma that needs to be abandoned for the tide to turn.

Journalists are often the strongest, most authoritative voices the public hears on major issues. Part of the job of being that voice is avoiding further injuring people who, in this case, are already vastly disadvantaged and marginalized, thanks to their disease.

If you or a loved one are living with addiction and have any questions about the Malvern Intervention Model or the Malvern 90-Day Model, please give us a call at 610.MALVERN (610.625.8376).

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