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Recovery story: First step to recovery was acceptance

February 6, 2018 – The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. However, recovery is possible through treatment and a complete understanding of addiction.

Many individuals who are currently living in recovery proves that recovery from addiction is possible. Sharing stories of recovery is an important way to break the stigma associated with addiction.

This week, the Portland Press Herald launched the first installment of a column by Seth Blais about his drug addiction and recovery. He shares how he couldn’t be honest about his struggles and the lengths he went to satisfy his addiction:

I was maintaining a strict diet and exercise routine while simultaneously hiding in bathroom stalls to inject myself with poison. This shows the insanity of my disease—wholly irrational and hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it.

After nearly a decade of substance use, I had managed to normalize this daily chaos. It was like being afraid of the dark as a kid, cowering under your blankets in a pitch-black room. You know where the light switch is, but you’re terrified to step off your bed, exposing yourself while you walk towards it.

I was stuck, desperately wanting to stop using drugs. The idea of accepting that I was addicted to drugs, and even more so asking for help, was terrifying. Instead, I risked my own life on a daily basis and consistently burned down everything around me. I wanted to live on my own terms–fiercely grasping for control of my circumstances and the things that happened to me.

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