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Prescription drug disposal effort launches in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement official unveiled this month a new program in an effort to curb the opioid epidemic.

Josh Shapiro, the state’s attorney general, announced his office will supply 300,000 drug deactivation and disposal devices to 12 counties across Pennsylvania. The areas were selected because local residents have been hit hard by the crisis and have poor access to drug take-back boxes.

Lehigh County, where Malvern Treatment Centers operates an outpatient center in Bethlehem, was selected to participate in the initiative.

“80 percent of heroin addicts start with the abuse of prescription drugs, and the vast majority of those who misuse these drugs got them from friends, relatives or a medicine cabinet,” Shapiro said. “The communities hit hardest by this epidemic have too often been ignored. We hear their pain and today, we’re bringing the fight into small towns and local pharmacies across the state to help.”

The pouches deactivate unwanted pills when warm water is added and the device is sealed. Pouches can be safely thrown away in the trash after use.

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