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Philly embracing community-driven approach to address drug epidemic

October 5, 2017 – Addiction has no limitations and can affect everyone involved, not only the person struggling with dependency. That means tackling the drug epidemic is going to take a collective effort.

Philadelphia officials are using this method to curb the opioid crisis in the city and that approach is starting to pay off, Next City reports:

[T] he city isn’t just throwing money at the drug problem in Kensington. Aside from the physical cleanup of the encampment, Philadelphia has mobilized everyone from local nonprofits to churches and neighbors in its effort to make Kensington a safe and livable area again. Partnerships among residents and law enforcement are taking shape. New approaches to offering support services are being rolled out.

The effort is just beginning, but some neighbors say this collective approach is paying off.

“I think [the city is] committed, they are open to hearing suggestions, they are open to trying new approaches. Tere are field personnel and outreach workers,” says Jose Benitez, executive director of Prevention Point Philadelphia, a Kensington-based nonprofit offering services to addicts. “This is an epidemic that grows in leaps and bounds. … Sometimes it can feel like almost nothing is being done, but the reality is that we are making progress.”

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Read the full story on Next City.

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