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Pharmacy chain takes stand to curb opioid epidemic

September 22, 2017 – Heeding the advice of health experts, a major pharmacist chain has announced plans to limit the amount of opioid prescriptions as the nation’s drug crisis continues.

CVS will only fill seven-day supplies for new patients facing acute ailments while also boosting funding for addiction programs, counseling and safe disposal sites, USA Today reports:

It will instruct pharmacists to contact doctors when they encounter prescriptions that appear to offer more medication than would be deemed necessary for a patient’s recovery. The doctor would be asked to revise it. Pharmacists already reach out to physicians for other reasons, such as when they prescribe medications that aren’t covered by a patient’s insurance plan.

The plan also involves capping daily dosages and initially requiring patients to get versions of the medications that dispense pain relief for a short period instead of a longer duration.

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Read the full story on USA Today.

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