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Pa. church remembers families struggling with addiction

February 12, 2018 – Sending a unifying message is a vital step to addressing the disease of addiction and the drug epidemic. A church in Pennsylvania recognized community members struggling with addiction and saw an opportunity to offer much-needed support.

On Sunday, Bishop David A. Zubik celebrated a Mass of Remembrance and Healing at Saint Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh. The congregation prayed for individuals who have died and for their family and friends to seek peace and healing.

“Each day I open the newspaper and see the names of far too many people who have died as result of drug addiction,” Zubik said. “They are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, granddaughters and grandsons, sisters and brothers and friends. We have a responsibility – on our own and as communities of faith – to pray for all who have struggled or who are struggling with addiction and for their loved ones who suffer with them.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has more on the occasion:

“We as the church really want to embrace you,” Bishop David Zubik said to the gathering, which included hundreds of worshippers and more than a dozen priests from throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

“For those who have tragically lost loved ones … we want to embrace you in your grief,” Bishop Zubik said in opening remarks.

And for those struggling with addiction, he said: “You are not alone. We love you. We hope in you and we want to support you so you can get better. We can’t do that ourselves. We really need God’s help.”

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