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New Philly DA vows to treat addiction as disease

January 3, 2018 – The new district attorney of Philadelphia was sworn in this week, pledging to reform the criminal justice system in the city. Treating addiction as a disease – like most medical experts do – is one of the major changes promised, which elicits hope form individuals struggling with substance addiction and those who are trying to assist them into treatment.

Larry Krasner officially became the city’s 26th district attorney on January 1st after winning November’s election. He shunned the old-school attitude of “locking up” those struggling with addiction by seeking for a way to help those into treatment.

“Today we start the long road toward trading jails, and trading death row, for schools,” Krasner declared.

Here at Malvern Treatment Centers, we believe that recovery is best served through a complete understanding of addiction. While Krasner backs addiction treatment efforts, Malvern Treatment Centers discourages his support of safe injection sites to combat the opioid epidemic. There is nothing “safe” about those sites.

More on Krasner from PhillyVoice:

“Today we start the long road toward trading division between police and the communities they serve for unity and reconciliation and cooperation,” [Krasner said.]

Krasner, who supports safe injection sites, also reiterated his strategy for combating the opioid epidemic that has rocked Philadelphia. He wants to swap punishment for increased treatment.

“Today we start the long road toward trading jail cells occupied by people suffering from addiction for treatment and harm reduction,” Krasner said.

Malvern Treatment Centers: We Give Hope

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