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New Jersey students create ad to raise awareness about addiction

March 5, 2018 – Six New Jersey students submitted an original public service announcement to a statewide contest to challenge community members to help efforts to address the disease of addiction and the drug epidemic.

The 30-second video, called “Are You Up to the Challenge?” raises awareness to break the stigma associated with addiction and will be aired on television, according to The Trentonian. The creative ad highlights the risk of overdose.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey encouraged middle-school students to write a script about substance use prevention:

“Bottle-flip challenge? No problem,” one student says, successfully flip-tossing a half-filled bottle of water that lands upright onto a classroom desk.

“Running-man challenge? Piece of cake,” two students say upon performing the classic dance move.

“Mannequin challenge? Easy-peasy,” a student says as he and another student perform a body gesture and freeze themselves in place.

“Now we challenge you to stop substance abuse,” another student says as funky music plays in the background.

“Every day teens are at risk of an overdose,” a fifth student chimes in. “Drugs affect your brain and several other vital organs.”

“So stop and think,” a sixth student says, “before trying one of these harmful substances.”

Then all six students gather together in the classroom and point to the camera, saying: “Are you up for the challenge?”

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Read the full story from The Trentonian.

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