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New Jersey to announce $200M plan to address drug crisis

September 19, 2017 – A major push to curb the opioid epidemic in New Jersey is set to be announced this week, according to a report.

Gov. Chris Christie will unveil a $200 million initiative to target the opioid crisis and bolster addiction treatment services, reports.

Malvern Treatment Centers operates an outpatient center in Camden County, located at 401 Kings Highway South, Building #1 in Cherry Hill.

More from the report:

The governor said he hopes the initiative will significantly improve the way New Jersey approaches substance abuse treatment and prevention by putting more emphasis on making sure care is geared toward sustained sobriety. That will be done by standardizing data collection and building seamless channels for holistic care for addicts through incentive-based programs that reward providers who focus on the long-term.

“It’s changing the way we do this stuff to evidence-based treatment,” Christie said. “You say your methods are great, every treatment center out there says they’ve got the right way to handle it. Well, prove it.”

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