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Middle-aged women prescribed the most opioids

September 26, 2017 – A common misconception about the disease of addiction is that there is an “at-risk” segment of the population that can be impacted. In reality, everyone can be become dependent on substances and develop the disease of addiction.

That’s another reason why Malvern Treatment Centers serves both the individual struggling with addiction through treatment and loved ones with education to better understand the disease through our Recovery Oriented Community, the ROC Program.

According to ABC News, a new report sheds light on another issue contributing to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Analysis shows middle-aged women are prescribed more opioids than any other group and surgery a “gateway to persistent opioid use and potential misuse.” Via the report:

“More people die from prescription opioid overdose than from heroin overdose per year,” Dr. Jennifer Holder-Murray, co-director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program told ABC News.

In addition to being prescribed more opioids than anyone else, women aged 40 through 59 also have the highest death rate from opioids among women, according to the report, titled “United States for Non-Dependence: An Analysis of the Impact of Opioid Overprescribing in America.”

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Read the full story on ABC News.

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