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Local university details impact of opioid crisis in Philly suburbs

November 20, 2017 – Experts agree that the disease of addiction can affect anyone and is not contained to any geographical area. Breaking the stigma and increasing awareness about the drug epidemic – especially with young people and those in the Philly suburbs – are the keys to ensuring those struggling with addiction can access treatment.

Estimates suggest that more than 55,000 residents of Philadelphia are currently living in active addiction, but a common misconception from some is that the risk of addiction isn’t as great in the surrounding Philly suburbs and college campuses. The risk is everywhere, and that’s why Malvern Treatment Centers holds community forums in everywhere (including the Philly suburbs and college campuses) to raise awareness.

In a recent story in The Quad, a West Chester University student news service, warns readers about the impact of the opioid crisis in West Chester. The article recounts the struggles of a former student who stole antique paintings, chandeliers, refined metal works and even mint-condition French WWII war rifles from an old boss to support his addiction to opioids:

Of the $40,000 worth of valuables stolen, [Ryan] Colestock was able to sell most of the items to pawn shops around the Exton area. The pawn shops were only able to give him around $2,000 in return for the items, which he in turn spent on his Xanax and other opioid related addictions.

Colestock has now been sober for over a year with the help of weekly meetings with [Rob] Tucker and drug counseling.

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