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Local officials committed to saving lives from opioid epidemic

November 7, 2017 – Today is Election Day and while some might consider it an “off-cycle” year, it’s important to realize the public has an opportunity to vote for knowledgeable representatives to help in the battle against the drug epidemic.

Last week, seven U.S. Congress members (who aren’t on the ballot today) published an op-ed on Fox News to share their efforts to curb the opioid crisis. Four local officials – U.S. Reps. Ryan Costello, Brian Fitzpatrick, Tom MacArthur and Pat Meehan – were included in the piece.

Malvern Treatment Centers operates an inpatient campus (in Malvern at 940 West King Road) and two outpatient locations (in Berwyn at 1161 Lancaster Avenue and in Pottstown at 1566 Medical Drive, Suite 201) in Costello’s district and one outpatient site (in Trevose at 4612 East Street Road) in Fitzpatrick’s district.

The officials understand that education and treatment for the disease of addiction are vital components toward addressing the crisis:

Increased enforcement is necessary, but we fully recognize that we cannot arrest and prosecute our way out of this crisis. By providing more pathways to treatment, we can better help those struggling with addiction. This includes removing the structural barriers posed by Medicaid so we can improve access to treatment for our country’s most vulnerable. Under current law, states are unable to use federal funding for inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment. There are exceptions to this rule but with limitations based on population, facility size, and length of stay. These limitations disproportionately affect those with the greatest need.

It is also critical to increase education and training efforts, particularly those aimed at protecting our nation’s youth. By allowing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to expand current education efforts and share more information on treatment and recovery resources, we can prevent more young Americans from going down the path of addiction. We can also provide grants through the Department of Health and Human Services to make the life-saving drug naloxone available to more communities, and to help those communities better train first responders to administer the drug during an overdose.

If you or a loved one are living with addiction and have any questions about the Malvern Intervention Services or the Malvern 90-Day Model, please give us a call at 610.MALVERN (610.625.8376).

Read the full story on Fox News.

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