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Local man saved 34 people from overdosing in last year

August 8, 2017 — Many concerned citizens are doing their part to combat the nation’s drug epidemic in the Delaware Valley.

On Tuesday, shared the story of Elvis Rosado, an education and outreach director at the Prevention Point needle exchange in Kensington, who saved 34 people from overdosing with Narcan in the last year:

Then there’s the hope found in his own story: one of recovery, one that shows the impact of even one life saved. That one Elvis now uses to provide hope to the people he meets on the avenue – before someone becomes the 35th person he has to bring back. (#33 was a man on the Prevention Point steps, who had his own Narcan; #34, just Tuesday afternoon, was a young guy in an alley across the street.) Or the first person he loses.

Elvis is 52, broad, bald and tattooed. He saves his anger for those who don’t see people suffering in addiction or dying on the avenue as human beings. For those who want to push addicted people around like cattle, instead of working to save them. Those times his anger is righteous.

To people struggling like he once did Elvis offers kindness borne from experience.

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