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Local libraries feeling effects of opioid epidemic

Libraries are supposed to be a place where residents can access information and resources in society, but the drug epidemic has forced staff members to adopt a new role for the community. Employees at a branch in the Delaware Valley know this and recently shared their experiences.

McPherson Square Library, located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, is just one American institution feeling the effects of the opioid crisis.

Chera Kowalski, a librarian at the branch, explained to CNN how she used the life-saving nasal spray naloxone to save multiple overdose victims at the library.

Armed with Narcan, McPherson’s library employees keep an eye out for overdoses. When he spots one, Davis, the security guard, tries not to alert the children.


Kowalski’s first save in the park, back in April, happened when a young woman overdosed on a library bench after school. One dose of Narcan revived her: She got up and walked away.


But when Kowalski turned around, several kids — all library regulars — were standing on the steps watching.


“I got really upset because I know what they were seeing,” she said.


Weeks later, she revived a man who overdosed on fentanyl and fell off a bench in front of the library. “I might need to take a mental day tomorrow,” she told Moore afterward.

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Read the full story on CNN.

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