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Law enforcement taking new approach on opioid epidemic


Across the United States, concerned individuals are searching for answers to curb the effects of the opioid crisis. Increased awareness and a better understand of the epidemic allow organizations and institutions to take more effective steps to address the cause.

Knowing that addiction is a disease and not a choice has allowed treatment centers like Malvern Treatment Centers to help those with chemical dependency. Our program features only evidence-based methods due to extensive study by research groups. Findings have also prompted doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to reflect on the appropriateness of using opioids to treat pain.

Another group tasked with an important role in the fight to end the crisis is law enforcement. After the unsuccessful “War on Drugs” era that began in the 1980’s, officials are revising the practices used to reversing the problem.

A story published in The New York Times reveals how police leaders realize that arrests and jail time aren’t the answer but steering individuals with addiction into treatment. Detectives are also tracing heroin packages and pills back to dealers.

Via the article:

“Labeling it a health epidemic, not a war on drugs, marks a stark contrast with the criminal justice system’s approach to the crack-cocaine plague, which was met by mass arrests in mostly black and Hispanic communities.


Now, policing leaders claim to have learned from the past. But they also know how violent crime can flow from illegal drugs the way Anthony Riccio, a chief in the Chicago Police Department, says is happening in his city. A big fear among police chiefs is that increased demand for low-cost, high-potency opioids will lead to more shootings, and murders, as prices drop and drug traffickers organize.”

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Read the full story in The New York Times.

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