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High school student pushes for resources to curb drug epidemic

February 20, 2018 – The disease of addiction has no limitations, which means most people have a loved one who has struggled with addiction at some point in life. Because of that fact, advocates to push for increased efforts to address addiction and the nation’s drug epidemic can be found in all walks of life.

This week, a high school sophomore in the Reading area wrote an editorial for the Reading Eagle on her perspective of addiction and the opioid crisis:

In a statement, Jessica Hulsey Nickel, president of the Addiction Policy Forum, said, “This is getting worse, not better, and we need more resources and tools right now, with a sense of urgency to help make sure we address it.”

What can be done to help this horrible epidemic in the U.S.? Patients need to make sure they are taking the correct doses of their medications prescribed by their doctors. A pill box can be a helpful tool to keep track of medicines. It is also a good idea to keep medicines away from the reach of others.

Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed legislation giving the state Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs authority to certify and regulate state-funded recovery homes that assist people coping with addiction.

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