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Finding path to recovery is unique to all who struggled with addiction

January 2, 2018 – The disease of addiction can be felt everywhere and anyone, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, race and religion, can develop a dependence on dangerous substances. Due to the wide-ranging nature of addiction, there isn’t a single treatment plan that can help all who struggle with addiction. That’s why crafting an individualized treatment plan is vital to a successful recovery.

At Malvern Treatment Centers, our dedicated clinicians believe a complete understanding of addiction is the first step toward building a solid foundation for recovery. We encourage individuals to participate in a 12-step recovery program in addiction to aftercare treatments. Malvern Treatment Centers offers a variety of outpatient services as well as Medication Assisted Treatment options.

Keeping an open mind and committing to treatment options, individuals can make the best decision possible while understanding the keys to successful recovery. This week, Vox published a story on different views on attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. One person considers AA as an invaluable part of recovery while another found sobriety after failing to stick with the meetings:

Years of evidence show that the 12 steps, on average, really can help treat alcohol addiction. But that comes with some major caveats.

For one, studies typically focus on outpatient, one-on-one professional settings. This is different from typical AA meetings in a church basement, which are free and therefore most accessible to people in recovery. It’s also different from the residential treatment settings that dominate much of American alcohol addiction treatment today.

The best research also only focuses on alcohol use disorder. So whether the 12 steps work for other kinds of addiction — and whether non-AA programs like Narcotics Anonymous are effective at all — remains an open question in the research. (As such, this article focuses on the research and experiences of people using the 12 steps for alcohol addiction.)

Malvern Treatment Centers: We Give Hope

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