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How fentanyl became N.J.’s most dangerous drug

October 11, 2017 – As the drug epidemic continues to take its toll on the United States, the rise of fentanyl has drastically heightened the impact on Americans.

This week, continued its examination on the effects of the opioid crisis in New Jersey where Malvern Treatment Centers operates an outpatient center in Camden County, located at 401 Kings Highway South, Building #1 in Cherry Hill.

The news outlet shed light on how the drug’s potency leads to more overdose deaths, how countries are tweaking the chemical formula to continue transporting the drug into America and how doctors are prescribing the drug more than ever:

Just three years ago, fentanyl was only being blamed for a few dozen deaths a year. It’s unclear what triggered such a dramatic change, but in the past few years international drug cartels came to the realization that fentanyl was their dream drug.

It’s incredibly addictive and up to 50 times as powerful as street-grade heroin. And it’s cheap and easy to manufacture, making it ideal for transportation.

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