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Debunking 4 myths associated with addiction

November 28, 2017 – Malvern Treatment Centers, like all addiction experts, is committed to raising awareness and breaking the stigma associated with the disease of addiction. The goal is important because there are so many myths and outdated information regarding addiction in the world.

Experts at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine met with The Cincinnati Enquirer to share their insights into the truth about addiction and the best methods of treatment.

The four myths are:

  1. Addiction is not a disease. The truth is addiction is a disease.
  2. If someone addicted to heroin wants to stop using, she should just detox. The truth is additional treatment is necessary.
  3. Using methadone or buprenorphine is just trading a drug for a drug. The truth is Medication Assisted Treatment programs have higher success rates.
  4. It’s their fault, or their parents’ fault, that they are heroin-addicted. The truth is no one is to blame.

Malvern Treatment Centers: We Give Hope

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