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Deal reached to clean up Kensington drug encampment

Elected officials, city staff and business leaders have finalized an agreement this week to begin efforts to renovate an area that has attracted drug use in the Delaware Valley.

The City of Philadelphia had been urging Conrail for months to clean up its property in the Kensington section of Philadelphia where piles of used drug paraphernalia and trash have accumulated. On Thursday, Mayor Jim Kenney announced an agreement has been reached.

Kensington has been notorious place where the illicit drug market has thrived for decades. So much so that Malvern Treatment Centers staff crafted a guide for loved ones of those with addiction to understand the area’s dangers.

“This is a very important first step towards helping the neighborhood’s residents,” Kenney said. “We’ll also remain focused on victims of opioid addiction.”

Known as “The Badlands,” the environment in Kensington has contributed to yet another increase in the rate of drug overdose deaths for the year in southeastern Pennsylvania. The area has been highlighted by several news outlets as the drug epidemic continues to take a toll in the United States.

According to, the city and Conrail will increase police presence in the neighborhood and more:

“Conrail has promised to dispose of the mountains of used needles, clear the vegetation from around the tracks, and remove tons of trash that rogue contractors and local residents have dumped into the half-mile gorge. The city has agreed to haul away the waste, which includes televisions, recliners, mattresses, and hundreds of tires.”

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