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Criminal justice professionals, health officials talk addiction at UPenn

March 22, 2018 – Continuing discussion to identify ways to curb the drug epidemic and help individuals struggling with the disease of addiction is a top priority for many facets of society.

Last week, health officials, defense attorneys, prosecutors gathered to share insight into the challenges facing addiction treatment providers in a forum hosted by the Center for Ethics and Rule of Law at the University of Pennsylvania. While the participants have different responsibilities, they are committed helping families affected by addiction.

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Panel members discussed their successes and challenges with various types of drug courts, efforts to investigate doctors who overprescribe, civil cases brought against the pharmaceutical industry and other concerns.

Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn brought up one irony: an addicted person who has had a brush with the law is subject to certain requirements and treatment structure, while someone with a substance abuse issue with no criminal history does not have that structure.

“It ought not to be that way, but the state of affairs is such that there aren’t enough resources being devoted to treatment outside of that structure right now,” Denn said.

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