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Camden County, hospitals team up to battle opioid overdoses

March 23, 2018 – The two most powerful tools to prevent drug overdose deaths are naxolone and treatment for the disease of addiction. This week, a local county partnered with hospitals to secure the life-saving antidote for opioid overdoses.

Camden County officials and local hospitals are working together to buy naxolone, commonly known as Narcan, in bulk to save individuals who overdose, according to CBS Philly. County leaders have committed to provide Narcan to police officers and other first responders:

Camden County Police Officer Tyrrell Bagby says this small white dispenser has become as essential as his firearm and his radio.

“It’s very important right now to put Narcan in as many people’s hands as we can,” explained Dr. James Baird, the associate medical director Jefferson Health New Jersey ER department.

County addiction task force member Dr. James Baird of Jefferson Health New Jersey has seen Narcan save lives but he said some people believe wrongly that if they go to the ER, they will be arrested.

“People are not going to judge them. We want you to get help because we don’t want to see you for the same thing again,” Dr. Baird said.

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Read the full story on CBS3.

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