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Addiction prevention efforts begin by raising awareness

October 10, 2017 – Events to raise awareness about the disease of addiction are vital to dispel myths that unfortunately exist in society. That’s why we must continue to march the streets, discuss important topics and use other ways to educate the public on the drug epidemic.

A director at a youth services organization in Pennsylvania recently shared her experience to the Centre Daily Times after learning that an educational presentation for kids didn’t want them learning about the dangers because only “downtrodden members of society” are affected.

We must overcome that simplistic view of addiction because the disease affects everyone.

Via the article:

Addiction is a disease, just as diabetes and heart conditions are diseases. People who struggle with substance use disorder should be treated with the same dignity, respect and quality of care as any person who struggles with a different disease. No one chooses to develop an addiction. Becoming dependent on drugs can happen to anyone.

Not only can it happen to anyone, when it does happen it affects the entire community. These effects are seen in workplace costs, taxpayer dollars spent on incarceration, as well as on child protective services when parents struggling with addiction cannot care for their children. And these effects are only scratching the surface of the costs and don’t account for the toll it takes on loved ones who have a friend or family member struggling with addiction.

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Read more on the Centre Daily Times.

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