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Local college student stages pop-up Narcan tutorials on campus

August 24, 2017 – There are many tools used to battle the nation’s drug epidemic, but one has the ability to reverse the effects of a life-threatening overdose.

Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, is a nasal spray that blocks the effects of opioids and has become an essential piece of equipment for law enforcement, health officials and anyone who might encounter someone who is overdosing.

Malvern Treatment Centers trains all staff members how to administer the life-saving antidote and regularly offers training to the public at community events.

According to CBS3, Temple student Nora Wilson has embarked on a mission to teach fellow students on the North Philadelphia campus how to use it in case of an emergency:

“I just wanted this to be more of like a peer meeting. This was more just for me to tell friends just to show people like, you know, I’ve lost friends and I just thought, this is easy, and I’ll teach a couple people and I put it in a Temple Facebook group,” Wilson said.

Wilson, who generally carries a dose or two of Narcan with her for drug overdose emergencies, encouraged her student listeners to do the same.

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Read the full story on CBS3.

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